e-scooter Swappable Batteries by TIER - fixINN Partner

e-scooter Swappable Batteries by TIER - fixINN Partner

We have special news! We are making our first steps to reduce our carbon footprint in customer travel and in the Shop in general. How? Well, fixINN has partnered with TIER to be your point in Notting Hill to find the PowerBox. We will get back to explain what is the PowerBox, but first we'll explain more about TIER. TIER is a e-scooter rental service launching in London, but the main the difference is eco-friendly. Also, the company is one of the few ones to have license to operates on the roads. 


The PowerBox is an innovative battery-swapping station hosted by local businesses across the city to create a charging network from where riders can easily swap depleted vehicle batteries for charged ones. Co-developed with AWS, the PowerBox’s cutting edge software can intuitively help control when and how to charge the batteries. The software also provides the rider with a smooth, fun and futuristic experience. With step-by-step instructions found in the TIER app, red and green LEDs that anyone can intuitively understand, and hands-free battery ejections, it could not be easier to use. All PowerBoxes are free to use (for hosts as well as riders) and fully automated, requiring no store staff oversight or installation.



The e-scooter contains a revolutionary user-swappable battery that can be exchanged (if they run low on charge) at our fixINN Shop in Notting Hill and find the PowerBox. The process is quick and easy. Users will be rewarded with a free unlock and 15 minutes ride every time they swap an old battery for a charged one at a SwapSpot. E-scooters with swappable batteries will be highlighted with a power icon on the map in the TIER app.

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