Netflix releases games for iPhone and iPad users around the world

Netflix releases games for iPhone and iPad users around the world

Last week, Netflix announced the first mobile game series for Android users around the world. Today, games are expanding to iOS users. This series, which includes two "Stranger Things" games and other casual game titles, will be delivered to iOS users in the same way as Android. That is, it is installed directly from the App Store on the user's mobile phone or tablet, rather than shipping from the cloud.

With the release of Android, Netflix has introduced a new "Games" tab within the app. This tab allows users to browse the catalog and find the game they want to play. However, to actually play the game, it will be sent to the Google Play store and the game will be installed on your device. After the first launch, the user signs up for the game using Netflix credentials.

Netflix states that it uses a system similar to the release of Netflix games on iPhone and iPad. Except now, users are asked to download to the Apple App Store instead of Google Play. Also, the user must verify their Netflix membership information to start the game. The company believes the system complies with Apple's App Store rules. This rule was changed last year to be more tolerant of gaming applications.

Although updated in response to the growing number of cloud gaming services, Apple's policy is to centralize developers to give subscribers access to the game catalog as long as each title in the catalog has a dedicated application. Can provide a cataloged application. Save the file. Apple said it will be able to review each game title individually. In fact, the system has made a breakthrough contribution to the GameClub subscription gaming service as a way to offer a wide range of classic game titles that only members can play.

However, there are differences between the iOS implementation of Netflix games and the behavior of the system on Android. Netflix users on Android have their own Games tab for application navigation, but iOS users don't. Instead, iPhone members will only see a dedicated game drive in the app where they can choose which games to download. In the meantime, iPad members will see a row (fixed at position 6) and will be able to access the game from the category drop-down list.

The company tells TechCrunch that Apple is a great partner for Netflix games, but Netflix is ​​completely clear whether the game tab will clash with another App Store policy and ban it from offering its own apps. He said he didn't. "Application store". Netflix believes that tabs aren't important for providing a gaming experience to iOS users, so they decided to launch them without tabs. However, if the company can clarify this rule in the future, it may be possible to add a Games tab to the iOS app, like the one currently available on Android. The game series at the time of release is the same as Android. These include two Bonus XP titles, Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game. There are also two Frosty Pop titles, "Teeter" and "Shooting Hoops". And the title of the roguelike "Card Blast". The first two games are derivatives of the popular Netflix show Stranger Things, but the last three are random titles.

In the long run, Netflix plans to extend this catalog with other add-ons and game genres. For example, in September, the company acquired Night School Studio, an independent game developer best known for storytelling titles such as "Oxenfree," to further develop the Netflix game library.

Netflix explained their interest in games as an alternative way to entertain and retain subscribers, rather than as a way to monetize directly from the game itself. Currently, the game is free to download without ads and does not include in-app purchases. As the catalog grows, the company says it can apply the same recommended algorithms to introduce new games to mobile device users, as well as TV shows and movies.

A letter to Netflix shareholders in the second quarter of 2021 states, "Games are seen as another category of content for us, as well as the expansion of original movies, animations and televisions to those that are not written. The company's initial focus on free games is designed for mobile devices. “We've been pursuing original programming for nearly a decade, and we believe it's a good time to learn more about how our members value the game,” says Netflix.